GAD has listed the following Holiday Schedule pickup dates for 2019. The Town of Amberg normal pickup day is Friday. During the week with the following holidays: January 1st, Memorial Day (May 27), July 4, Labor Day (September 2), Thanksgiving (November 28), and Christmas (December 25) garbage pickup will occur on Saturday. 

All Marinette and Menominee County EMS (rescue squads) are in Critical need of volunteers!  Many of the agencies are running at critically low level of personnel and are in significant need of additional individuals to support the continued operation of services.  Without additional help some squads may be forced to combine services, resulting in ambulances responding from further away or convert to a career/paid operation increasing costs to the public. 

The Town of Amberg is served by Pembine-Dunbar-Beecher Rescue Squad and Wausaukee Rescue Squad.  In order to provide the quality service we expect please volunteer to become an vehicle driver, emergency medical responder, or EMT. You do not need to be an an EMR or EMT to join, drivers are always in need and training is provided for every role!

Requirements for becoming a member include: Reside in the area or be available on a routine basis; Be at least 17 years of age; Hold a valid driver’s license; complete a background screening process.

Time requirements: Work 2-3 shifts per month (6-8 hour block of time), and participate in monthly training and meetings.

If you want to learn more, request a ride along or apply to be a member please contact one of the following EMS Agencies:

Crivitz Rescue: Denise Busse@ 715-854-7666
Pembine-Dunbar-Beecher Rescue: Sandy Bayer @ 715-324-5656
Silver Cliff Rescue:  Anna Wender @ 715-757-2575 or Rianna Ventura @ 715-757-2442
Twin Bridge Rescue: Sharon Zak @ 715-927-7200
Wausaukee Rescue: Thomas Arthur @ 715-856-5035 or

Town of Amberg looking for SER (Jobs for Progress National Inc.) certifiable building caretaker!  Applicants must be 55 years or older, low income, unemployed, looking for employment, and reside in  area.  For more information and to connect with an Employment and training specialist please contact Justin Tucker, SER SCSEP Employment and Training Specialist, Phone: (715) 362-0300 or Email: