The Town of Amberg is soliciting bids for blacktopping approximately 1.8 miles of Black Sam Road with 2” of hot or cold asphalt, 20 feet in width, to include compacting, final grading and shoulder finishing.  Please include an estimated start date for the project with your bid.
For more information please contact Matt Mattison at 715-759-5640 or Ron Holmes at 715-759-5920.
The Town of Amberg reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to accept the bid most advantageous to the town.
Bids are to be received by Wednesday, September 5 at 4:30 pm at PO Box 245, N15035 Grant Street, Amberg, WI 54102.
                                                                                                     Pat Boshen, Clerk

Town of Amberg looking for SER (Jobs for Progress National Inc.) certifiable building caretaker!  Applicants must be 55 years or older, low income, unemployed, looking for employment, and reside in  area.  For more information and to connect with an Employment and training specialist please contact Justin Tucker, SER SCSEP Employment and Training Specialist, Phone: (715) 362-0300 or Email:

Wausaukee Rescue Squad Needs Volunteers!  The Town of Amberg is served by the Wausaukee Rescue Squad.  In order to provide the quality service we expect please volunteer to become an ambulance driver, emergency medical responder, or EMT. You do not need to be an an EMR or EMT to join, ambulance drivers are always in need and training is provided for every role! If you want to learn more, request a ride along or apply to be a member please contact Wausaukee Rescue at or call (715) 856-5035.