Forms & General Information


Contact: Chairman, Matt Mattison  or Town Clerk, Pat Boshen
Phone: 715-759-5640                          Town Office 715-759-5095

Burial sites:

$100.00 Resident
$200.00 Non-Resident

Burial Costs:
$400.00 Burial
$800.00 Winter Burial
$100.00 extra Weekend or Holiday

$100.00 Cremation or Child Burials
$200.00 Winter Cremation or Child Burial

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

*Licenses & Fees

Building Permits:  Building permits are required for any improvements, additions, or changes to property with a value (includes labor costs) of over $1000.00. Exceptions include siding, roofing, painting.


1. Set Backs: 8 feet side lots, 65 feet from the center line of a town road, 75 feet from center line of County Road, and 110 feet from center line of State Road.

2. A fire number is required for any property with any type of structure.

3. Any inhabitable dwelling is required to be 400 square feet at footing.

4. State inspection is required under the UDC code. Owner is required to contact inspector for building code requirements.

5.  Any inhabitable Dwelling requires a Sanitary/Privy permit issued by the county prior to a building permit being issued.

6 Any zoning permits (where required) are required prior to building permit being issued.

7. A site drawing is required for all structures either newly built or any additions as per size, location and distance from property lines.

Manufactured Homes: A copy of the title is required for issuance of a Building Permit. Manufactured homes built after April 2007 require UDC inspection.Owner is responsible for contacting inspector.

Download 2022 Building Permit Application and mail with appropriate fee to Lisle Suzawith, N14690 Wontor Rd., Amberg, WI 54102. Phone 715-759-5892.

Fee: $25.00
***Any construction started without obtaining a building permit from the Town of Amberg doubles the fee to $50.00.
All Town issued Building permits are good for a one-year period and only for the construction described in the original permit.

As of June 1, 2016 all UDC (Uniform Dwelling Code) Building Inspections will be done by Nature’s Edge Inspection Agency of Crivitz.
Jane Meissner,  UDC Building Inspector
phone:  715-245-1708   or   e-mail: 

*Variance Request Application

A variance request may be considered when strict conformity to regulations governing area setbacks frontage or density etc., are deemed unnecessarily or unreasonably burdensome in light of the unique circumstances of the project and/or the ordinances of the Town of Amberg.  Click here to obtain a Variance request application and mail it  with application fee of $100.00 to:
Town of Amberg, PO Box 245, Amberg, WI 54102, Attn: Plan Commission

Fire Numbers:

Obtain a Fire Number Application here and mail with appropriate fees to

Treasurer Lisle Suzawith at N14690 Wontor Rd. Amberg, WI  54102 or he can be reached at 715-759-5892

Fee: $50.00

Dog Licenses:
All dogs over 6 months of age must be licensed. Please send evidence of immunization against rabies, the appropriate fee from below (male/female, spayed/neutered) and a self addressed, stamped, return envelope to obtain a dog license from Treasurer, Lisle Suzawith    Phone: 715-759-5892.
Mailing Address: N14690 Wontor Rd. Amberg, WI  54102

Fees:  $3.00 for Spayed or Neutered
$8.00 all other dogs over 6 months

Contact the Clerk Pat Boshen at 715-759-5095 or click on the correct link(s) below to download and/or print the application(s). Send with appropriate fees to Clerk, Town of Amberg, PO Box 245, Amberg, WI, 54102

Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application Form at-106.
Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application Form at-115.
Application for Temporary Class “B”/”Class B” Retailer’s License e.g. “Picnic License” Form at-315.
Application for Cigarette and Tobacco Products License Form ctp-200
Application for a “Beverage Server’s” License Application for Operator license

Fee Schedule

$50.00 Class “A” Beer (sold in original container for consumption off premise)
$50.00 Class “B” Beer (sold for consumption on or off premise)
$100.00 “Class A” liquor (sold in original container for consumption off premise)
$100.00 “Class B” liquor (sold for consumption on premise)
$10,000.00 Reserve Class B liquor
$0.00 Temporary Class “B” Picnic License
$6.50 Publication Fee
$5.00 Cigarette/Tobacco Fee
$5.00 Operator/Bartender License

*Amberg Community Center and Ball Diamond Pavilion Use Both the Community Center and Ball Diamond Pavilion are available for public use on a first come first serve basis. The Community Center contains two meeting rooms, a kitchen and large gym area. To obtain more information and/or a tour of the building contact  the clerk’s office at 715-759-5095.   The Pavilion contains a kitchen area and seating for over two hundred people. More information is available from the clerk at 715-759-5095.

A rental form must be completed and returned to the clerks office prior scheduling your event. Rental forms for the Community Center are available from the clerk, or AMBERG_COMMUNITY_CENTER_Rental_Agreement

Community Center Rental Fee:
$100.00 Amberg residents per day
$150.00 Non residents per day

Ball Diamond Pavilion rental forms are available from the clerk or online Pavilion_Rental_Agreement .

Ball Diamond Pavilion Rental Fee:
$50.00 plus $50.00 refundable deposit per day

Town not for profit charitable, civic, and service groups are welcome to use the facilities for club functions at no charge.

The Town of Amberg no longer plows private driveways.
The following local contractors are among those available to serve your plowing needs:

Tom Oldenburg 715-759-5421
Dennis Francis 715-759-5460
Tom Werdeo 715-927-2827
Brian Tilkens 715-759-5224
Pat Metko 715-929-0074 or 715-759-5234
Doc Carter  715-759-5815
Terry Williams  920-619-9680
Please contact them directly for rates, proof of insurance, availability, etc.  Thank you,